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Polymer Brushes as a platform for soft nanotechnology

by Professor Wilhelm Huck of the Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis, University of Cambridge The natural world uses macromolecules to store and exchange information, provide structural integrity, convert chemical to mechanical energy and efficiently catalyze chemical transformations. To bridge the gap between biology and nanofabrication, we focus on surfaces that achieve properties through complex structures […]

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CBTE nanotechnology workshop

A nanotechnology brainstorm led by Dr Giuseppe Battaglia. Speakers so far: Professor Richard Jones, Professor Tony Ryan, Professor Gill Tozer. CBTE website

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The Polymer IRC Annual review (2006)

The annual review covering the work of the Polymer IRC (of which the Polymer Centre is a part) over the last twelve months, plus a printed copy of staff skills is no longer available online. If you would like to access the complete range of skills available to the old Polymer IRC, please contact us.

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The Polymer Centre Prospectus 2005

The latest prospectus covering current research activities in the Centre has now been published. Providing a resume of the work of 41 academic staff – or more than 180 research staff – drawn from the Departments of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Engineering Materials, Chemical and Process Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, and from the Schools of […]

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Plastics – the future of electronics in packaging?

Electronic devices such as batteries, memory, transistors and wires can all now be made from plastics. As a consequence these versatile materials are presenting ever more exciting options for packaging. Malcolm Butler, Materials World, May 2006 p 22-23.

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