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Sheffield wins £5.7m to support industry

The University of Sheffield has been awarded substantial funding from the UK’s leading engineering and physical science research funding agency to assist and improve engagement between researchers and business and industry. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has announced a £55 million programme to facilitate and expand the transfer of engineering and physical […]

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Microscale swimmer creates a stir

Research combining the theoretical expertise of Polymer Centre member, Prof. Ramin Golestanian, and a team at the University of Barcelona has attracted the attention of both the scientific and national media recently. The work involved the coupling of two iron-doped polystyrene beads using strands of DNA.  The differing sizes of the two beads resulted in […]

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Publication Update

This week’s Polymer Centre member publications: Siloxanes and carbosilanes as new building blocks for T-shaped bolaamphiphilic LC molecules.  Kieffer, R.; Prehm, M.; Pelz, K.; Baumeister, U.; Liu, F.; Hahn, H.; Lang, H.; Ungar, G.; Tschierske, C.,  Soft Matter 2009 5 (6): 1214-1227.  Link Adsorption of Submicrometer-Sized Cationic Sterically Stabilized Polystyrene Latex at the Air-Water Interface: Contact Angle Determination by […]

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Business Link offers grant scheme directory

Business Link is a free business advice and support service, available online and through local advisers. They can assist companies of all sizes to find solutions to all manner of problems. Of particular interest to the Polymer Centre is Business Link’s assistance with obtaining third party grant support for diverse industry-focused R&D projects. The Polymer […]

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“Plastics – Greener Than You Might Think”

Materials KTN Workshop  Plastics are often blamed unfairly for their perceived lack of “green” credentials, when in most instances the issues relate primarily to society’s perception of used plastic as a waste product rather than a raw material which can be recycled provided there is the will.  The presentations at this workshop will include demonstrating […]

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