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METRC exhibit at Polymer Electronics

METRC exhibited at the prestigious Polymer Electronics seminar at the IET in London yesterday. Topics covered by the seminar included: • the latest developments in organic electronics • solutions to challenges involved in technology, materials and production • how OLEDs and microfluidic devices are being used in healthcare • insights into the future of the […]

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KT Project Fund open

The University of Sheffield has annouced a call for applications to its KT Project Fund. This HEIF-4-funded initiative will provide up to £10k in cash to support short-term projects involving early stage interactions between University of Sheffield academics and external partners. The Polymer Centre and FaraPack Polymers have significant track record in managing and resourcing […]

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EPSRC launches Collaboration Fund

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has announced a two-year pilot fund in association with Finance South East Ltd to provide early stage proof-of-concept funding to support the commercialisation of university research. The £100,000 fund will complement the existing Follow On Fund, with additional mentoring support for academics. The commercial focus of the Collaboration […]

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Polymer IRC Event: Friday 24th April 2009

Polymers and the “Real Crystal Ball” – Building New Polymers by Molecular Design.  Tom McLeish, Alexi Likhtman and Ian Robinson, will present their insights into how molecular design can be used to improve polymers.  This will be followed by a discussion as to the challenges and opportunities presented for the building of new polymers by molecular […]

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Publication Update 17th April 2009

This Weeks Polymer Centre member publications:  Shell Cross-Linked Micelles as Cationic Templates for the Preparation of Silica-Coated Nanoparticles: Strategies for Controlling the Mean Particle Diameter Li, Y.T.; Du, J.Z.; Armes, S.P., Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2009 30 (6): 464-468. Link  Site-Specific Immobilization and Micrometer and Nanometer Scale Photopatterning of Yellow Fluorescent Protein on Glass Surfaces Reynolds, Nicholas P.; Tucker, Jaimey […]

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