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Non-stick approach to regular polymer vesicles

Polymer Centre researchers have devised a new method for making polymer vesicles – microscopic, liquid-filled spheres enclosed by a membrane – that keeps tight control over the vesicles’ size. Polymer vesicles, or polymersomes, have a wide range of potential applications, from drug delivery to ‘micro-reactors’, but controlling their size has proved a problem. Now, a […]

Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2009 in News, Publications.

Publication Update 15th May 2009

This week’s Polymer Centre member publications: Modelling open hole compressive strength of composite laminates tested in hot wet conditions.  Soutis, C., Plastics Rubber and Composites 2009 38 (2): 55-60.   Rate dependent multiscale modelling of fibre reinforced composites.  Foreman, J. P.; Behzadi, S.; Tsampas, S. A.; Porter, D.; Curtis, P. T.; Jones, F. R., Plastics Rubber and Composites 2009 38 (2): […]

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Boost for therapeutic polymers

Ten research grants, totalling some £16m, to help solve some of the biggest health problems facing the UK have been awarded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). A Sheffield team led by Dr Giuseppe Battaglia and working closely with companies such as Biocompatibles Ltd, Oxford BioMedica Ltd, GlaxoSmithKline and UCB Pharma, will […]

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Green patents to be fast-tracked

Green inventions will be given priority within the patent system under a government initiative aimed at getting such technologies to market quicker. Under the scheme, patents could be granted within nine months of application, compared with the average time of two to three years, according to David Lammy, the minister for intellectual property, who announced […]

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£100m to support innovative companies

British companies are to be supported to develop new products and services in diverse areas such as health, defence, transport and construction through a novel £100 million government scheme. Through the scheme, called SBRI – the Small Business Research Initiative – public sector organisations will invite British companies to submit ideas and develop new technologies […]

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