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Publication Update 29th June 2009

This week’s Polymer Centre member publications: Immobilizing live bacteria for AFM imaging of cellular processes. Kailas, L.; Ratcliffe, E. C.; Hayhurst, E. J.; Walker, M. G.; Foster, S. J.; Hobbs, J. K., Ultramicroscopy 2009 109 (7): 775-780. Synthesis and Characterization of Block Copolymers of Polyoxyethylene and Polylactide with Different Architectures. Mai, S.; Abbot, A.; Norton, D.; […]

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Bayreuth Polymer Symposium ’09

The Bayreuth Polymer Symposium ’09 will be held at Bayreuth University, Germany, 13-15 September 2009. BPS ’09 is the 11th in this biennial series of meetings. Topics to be presented include: Functional Polymers Block copolymers Polymer colloids Intelligent polymer interfaces Polymer nanostructures Polymer nanotechnology A primary objective of this meeting is to bring together people […]

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Publication Update 19th June 2009

This week’s polymer centre member publications: Diffusion Studies of Nanometer Polymersomes Across Tissue Engineered Human Oral Mucosa. Hearnden, V.; Lomas, H.; MacNeil, S.; Thornhill, M.; Murdoch, C.; Lewis, A.; Madsen, J.; Blanazs, A.; Armes, S.; Battaglia, G., Pharmaceutical Research 2009 26 (7): 1718-1728. Link Synthesis and Characterization of Film-Forming Colloidal Nanocomposite Particles Prepared via Surfactant-Free Aqueous […]

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METRC at the heart of Europe

The Molecular Engineering Translational Research Centre’s business development team, together with Polymer Centre Manager, Liam Sutton, is this week attending Nanomaterials ’09 in Bonn, Germany. This three-day conference and networking event is designed to showcase private sector and academic UK resources that support the safe and cost-effective development of nanotechnologies, close to the geographical centre […]

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RAPS Meeting Announced

This year’s meeting of Recent Appointees in Polymer Science will take place at the University of Reading on the 16-18 September. This annual event is designed to enable relatively new starters in both academia and industry to learn more about each others’ technical interests and to develop mutually beneficial networks. For more information including registration […]

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