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Publication Update 12th June 2009.

This weeks Polymer Centre Member Publications: Co-culture of intestinal epithelial and stromal cells in 3D collagen-based environments. Viney, M.E.; Bullock, A.J.; Day, M.J.; MacNeil, S., Regenerative Medicine 2009 4 (3): 397-406. Link Polymersomes: nature inspired nanometer sized compartments. LoPresti, Caterina; Lomas, H.; Massignani, M.; Smart, T.; Battaglia, G., Journal Of Materials Chemistry 2009 19 (22): 3576-3590. Link […]

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Publication Update 8th June

This week’s polymer centre member publications: Effect of oil and water mixtures on adhesion in the wheel/rail contact. Lewis, R.; Gallardo-Hernandez, E.A.; Hilton, T.; Armitage, T., Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers Part F-Journal Of Rail And Rapid Transit 2009 223 (3): 275-283. Link Templated formation of giant polymer vesicles with controlled size distributions. Howse, […]

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Publication Update 1st June

This week’s polymer centre member publications: Anomalous Diffusion of Symmetric and Asymmetric Active Colloids. Golestanian, R., Physical Review Letters 2009 102 (18): Art. No. 188305. Link Preparation and properties of alternating 2,7-linked carbazole copolymers with phenylene units with varying number of fluorine substituents. Pickup, D.F.; Yi, H.; Iraqi, A., Journal Of Materials Science 2009 44 (12): 3172-3178. Link “Torsional tapping” […]

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