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Publication Update 21th September 2009

Last week’s Polymer Centre member publications: The Effect of PEO Length on the Self-Assembly of Poly(ethylene oxide)-Tetrapeptide Conjugates Prepared by “Click” Chemistry. Tzokova, N.; Fernyhough, C.M.; Butler, M.F.; Armes, S.P.; Ryan, A.J.; Topham, P.D.; Adams, D.J., Langmuir 2009 25 (18): 11082-11089. Link Photopatterning, Etching, and Derivatization of Self-Assembled Monolayers of Phosphonic Acids on the Native Oxide of […]

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Publication Update 11th September 2009

Recent Polymer Centre member publications: Synthesis of Highly Branched Methacrylic Copolymers: Observation of Near-Ideal Behavior using RAFT Polymerization. Rosselgong, J.; Armes, S.P.; Barton, W.; Price, D., Macromolecules 2009 42 (16): 5919-5924. Link ‘Watching’ processes in soft matter with SPM. Hobbs, J.K.; Mullin, N.; Weber, C.H.M.; Farrance, O.E.; Vasilev, C., Materials Today 2009 12 (7-8): 26-33. […]

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Hatfield Memorial Lecture 2009

This year the Hatfield Memorial Lecturer will be Professor Anthony J Ryan OBE, FRSC, FIMMM, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty of Science, the University of Sheffield, discussing The Materials Requirements of the Origin of Life. Over the last decade, metallurgy and materials science have been dominated by the recognition that exercising control at the nanoscale can […]

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