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Polymer Centre Highlight – Inkjet printing of self-healing polymers in aerospace applications

Polymer Centre academics Dr Simon Hayes and Dr Patrick Smith have been investigating an application for thermally-cured polymers to heal defects in composite materials in aircrafts, by applying this technology through inkjet printing. Composite materials, defined as materials made from two or more distinctive components which have different physical and chemical properties, are used in […]

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3D-printed guides can help restore function in damaged nerves

Scientists at the University of Sheffield have succeeded in using a 3D printed guide to help nerves damaged in traumatic incidents repair themselves. The team used the device to repair nerve damage in animal models and say the method could help treat many types of traumatic injury. The device, called a nerve guidance conduit (NGC), […]

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Professor Steve Armes celebrates the publication of his 500th paper

The paper recently appeared online in the prestigious Journal of the American Chemical Society, and explores how the growth of microscopic hollow polymer particles takes place in water, and the process by which the particles are formed. This work, and other recent research carried out by Steve and his research group, contributes to ground-breaking insights […]

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Polymer Centre Research Highlight-Cartilage-Like Tissue Engineering

Polymer centre academics, Dr Aileen Crawford and Prof Paul Hatton, have reported the use of a cell seeded porous hydrogel to form cartilage-like tissue. The work was carried out in collaboration with Julio San Roman from CSIC in Madrid. Osteoarthritis, a painful condition affecting over 10 % of the population, arises from the degradation of […]

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