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Polymer Centre research highlight 2 – April 2012

Engineers at the University of Sheffield have developed a method of assisting nerves damaged by traumatic accidents to repair naturally, which could improve the chances of restoring sensation and movement in injured limbs. In a collaborative study with Laser Zentrum Hannover (Germany) published today (23 April 2012) in the journal Biofabrication, the team describes a […]

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Polymer Centre research highlight – April 2012

University of Sheffield materials scientists, Dr Xiang-bing Zeng and Prof Goran Ungar, have reported the results of research to design a group of liquid crystal materials which could potentially be exploited as new electrolytes in batteries, selectively permeable membranes (or nanofiltration) and in drug delivery. Bicontinuous cubic phases are a group of nanostructured liquid-crystalline phases having three-dimensionally […]

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Polymer Centre research highlight – March 2012

University of Sheffield engineer, Dr Patrick Smith, has reported the results of research to exploit ionic liquids as potential transparent conductive materials in flexible electronic devices, such as flexible displays and photovoltaics, electronic textiles, sensory skins and active antennas. Currently, transparent conductive materials are essential in electronic devices such as sensors, displays, and solar cells. […]

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New device measures viscosity of ketchup and cosmetics

A device that can measure and predict how liquids flow under different conditions will ensure consumer products – from make-up to ketchup – are of the right consistency. The technology developed at the University of Sheffield enables engineers to monitor, in real time, how the viscous components (rheology) of liquids change during a production process, […]

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New research finds carbon can be used to reduce emissions and waste

Researchers from the University of Sheffield have led a new report that provides the first comprehensive technical and economic assessment of carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) as a viable but poorly understood option for reducing carbon emissions. The Centre for Low Carbon Futures released the research, which has found that rather than treating CO2 as […]

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