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Rainbows without pigments offer new defence against fraud

Scientists from the University of Sheffield have developed pigment-free, intensely coloured polymer materials, which could provide new, anti-counterfeit devices on passports or banknotes due to their difficulty to copy. The polymers do not use pigments but instead exhibit intense colour due to their structure, similar to the way nature creates colour for beetle shells and […]

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New method for self-assembling molecules

Researchers at the University of Sheffield have discovered a new way of making small molecules self-assemble into complex nanopatterns, which will push the limits of what is possible in “bottom-up” methods of nanopatterning for advanced functional materials through molecular self-assembly. The research, which was led by Dr Xiangbing Zeng and Professor Goran Ungar from the […]

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Publication Update 10th February 2010

Recent Polymer Centre Member Publications: Development of a Three Dimensional Multiscale Computational Model of the Human Epidermis. Adra, S.; Sun, T.; MacNeil, S.; Holcombe, M.; Smallwood, R., PLOS ONE 2010 5 (1): Art. No. E8511. Link Scaling Effects in Notched Composites. Wisnom, M. R.; Hallett, S. R.; Soutis, C., Journal Of Composite Materials 2010 44 […]

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Publication Update 4th January 2010

Recent Polymer Centre Member Publications: Differential patterning of neuronal, glial and neural progenitor cells on phosphorus-doped and UV irradiated diamond-like carbon. Regan, E.M.; Uney, J.B.; Dick, A.D.; Zhang, Y.; Nunez-Yanez, J.; McGeehan, J.P.; Claeyssens, F.; Kelly, S., Biomaterials 2010 31 (2): 207-215. Mass spectrometry of hyper-velocity impacts of organic micrograins. Srama, R.; Woiwode, W.; Postberg, F.; Armes, […]

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Publication Update 4th December 2009

Recent Polymer Centre Member Publications: Surface-Initiated ATRP Modification of Tissue Culture Substrates: Poly(glycerol monomethacrylate) as an Antifouling Surface. Patrucco, E.; Ouasti, S.; Vo, C.D.; De Leonardis, P.; Pollicino, A.; Armes, S.P.; Scandola, M.; Tirelli, N., Biomacromolecules 2009 10 (11): 3130-3140. Link Thermo-Responsive Copolymers Based on Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) and Poly[2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl phosphorylcholine]: Light Scattering and Microscopy Experiments. Cristiano, C.M.Z.; Soldi, […]

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