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Publication Update 13th November 2009

Recent Polymer Centre member publications: Improving the prediction of tensile failure in unidirectional fibre composites by introducing matrix shear yielding. Behzadi, S.; Curtis, P.T.; Jones, F.R., Composites Science And Technology 2009 69 (14): 2421-2427 Sp. Iss. Si. Enhancement of the Properties of EPDM/NBR Elastomers Using Nanoclay for Seal Applications. Ghassemieh, E., Polymer Composites 2009 30 […]

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Publication Update 16th October 2009

Recent Polymer Centre member publications: Development of a Surface-Modified Contact Lens for the Transfer of Cultured Limbal Epithelial Cells to the Cornea for Ocular Surface Diseases. Deshpande, P.; Notara, M.; Bullett, N.; Daniels, J.T.; Haddow, D.B.; MacNeil, S., Tissue Engineering Part A 2009 15 (10): 2889-2902. Link Large scan area high-speed atomic force microscopy using […]

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Polymer Centre scientists give insight into movement of molecules

A team from the Polymer Centre have made an exciting breakthrough in the control of the movement of single molecules. The findings represent a significant step forward in the field of molecular nanotechnology, which requires such control to achieve self-assembling nano-machines. This could potentially lead to the development of a method to send artificial drugs […]

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Publication Update 2nd October 2009

Recent Polymer Centre member publications: The efficiency of encapsulation within surface rehydrated polymersomes. Parnell, A. J.; Tzokova, N.; Topham, P. D.; Adams, D. J.; Adams, S.; Fernyhough, C. M.; Ryan, A. J.; Jones, R. A. L., Faraday Discussions 2009 143: 29-46. Link Challenges in soft nanotechnology. Jones, R.A.L., Faraday Discussions 2009 143: 9-14. Link Polymer crystallization under […]

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Publication Update 21th September 2009

Last week’s Polymer Centre member publications: The Effect of PEO Length on the Self-Assembly of Poly(ethylene oxide)-Tetrapeptide Conjugates Prepared by “Click” Chemistry. Tzokova, N.; Fernyhough, C.M.; Butler, M.F.; Armes, S.P.; Ryan, A.J.; Topham, P.D.; Adams, D.J., Langmuir 2009 25 (18): 11082-11089. Link Photopatterning, Etching, and Derivatization of Self-Assembled Monolayers of Phosphonic Acids on the Native Oxide of […]

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