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Albert Franks Memorial Lecture 2009

Prof. Richard Jones of the University of Sheffield will present this year’s Albert Franks Memorial Lecture – What Next for Nanotechnology? – at the Royal College of Physicians in London on Wednesday 18th March at 6:30 pm. Early applications of nanotechnology have exploited the exciting new properties that matter exhibits at the nanoscale. Increasingly we […]

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The Bioelectronic Interface: Sensors and Switches

Chemistry Dept. Lecture Theatre 1 Seminar by Dr Jason Davis from the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory at the University of Oxford. The generation of functionally-active biomolecular monolayers is important in both analytical science and biophysical analyses. Our ability to monitor the redox-active state of immobilised proteins or enzymes at a molecular level, from which stochastic and […]

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Polymer Brushes as a platform for soft nanotechnology

by Professor Wilhelm Huck of the Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis, University of Cambridge The natural world uses macromolecules to store and exchange information, provide structural integrity, convert chemical to mechanical energy and efficiently catalyze chemical transformations. To bridge the gap between biology and nanofabrication, we focus on surfaces that achieve properties through complex structures […]

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CBTE nanotechnology workshop

A nanotechnology brainstorm led by Dr Giuseppe Battaglia. Speakers so far: Professor Richard Jones, Professor Tony Ryan, Professor Gill Tozer. CBTE website

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