Albert Franks Memorial Lecture 2009

Posted on Saturday, January 31st, 2009 in Event, Polymer seminars| Share this article

Prof. Richard Jones of the University of Sheffield will present this year’s Albert Franks Memorial Lecture – What Next for Nanotechnology? – at the Royal College of Physicians in London on Wednesday 18th March at 6:30 pm.

Early applications of nanotechnology have exploited the exciting new properties that matter exhibits at the nanoscale. Increasingly we will see new applications with considerably more functionality. Some of these will exploit quantum properties in increasingly sophisticated ways, while others will emulate the intricate mechanisms of cell biology.

Many of these potential applications will help us meet the pressing needs of society in areas such as energy and medicine, though attention needs to be paid to addressing potential risks, and the broader societal and ethical implications of nanotechnologies, in order to retain public support.

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