BBSRC announces Industrial CASE scheme

Posted on Friday, June 4th, 2010 in Funding calls, News| Share this article
The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, BBSRC, has announced its 2010 competition for Industrial CASE Studentships.

Industrial CASE PhDs provide research training in an area of relevance to an industrial partner and are an excellent means of knowledge exchange between the academic and commercial worlds.

BSBRC’s Industrial CASE Studentship Competition will award Doctoral Training Grants (DTGs) for start in October 2011 to support collaborative postgraduate research training leading to a PhD.

Proposals for Industrial CASE studentship funding can be submitted by either the industrial company or an individual academic supervisor (citing an industrial partner). The 2010 competition is open until July 28.

What are the benefits to the company?

  • An opportunity to have a high quality PhD student undertaking basic research relevant to company objectives
  • The freedom to choose academic partners and opportunities to explore new research collaborations
  • Direct supervision of a high quality graduate providing insight into potential company recruits

What is the company required to provide?

  • A student placement of between 6 and 18 months
  • Development opportunities for the student in wider business-related skills
  • An enhancement of just £2,500 pa to the student’s stipend and a contribution of £1,400 to the costs incurred by the academic department

Full details of the competition are on the BBSRC website at the link below. Companies wishing to explore opportunities for biotechnology and biological science-related collaboration with the Polymer are invited to contact our Business Development Consultant, Dr Joe Gaunt.