Building links in the Gulf

Posted on Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 in News| Share this article

Polymer Centre logoIn the first phase of a US$2m collaborative programme, the University of Sheffield’s Polymer Centre, in partnership with the Polymer Center at Qatar University, is to start three projects this year which will produce plastic composites to replace softwood and plywood widely used in the construction industry.

“The focus is on optimisation of recycled polymers from industrial and domestic sectors,” said Sheffield senior lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, Dr Alma Hodzic.

The improvement of thermal stability of recycled blends is a key objective of the project, given the high temperatures during summer in Qatar and the region.

Asked about the nature of collaboration between University of Sheffield and Qatar University, she said that researchers from both institutions would exchange visits and hold consultations.

“The partnership between the two universities will encompass training and scientific consultation as well,” Qatar University’s Materials Technology Unit head Dr Mariam al-Ali AlMa’adeed said.

Sheffield’s Polymer Centre will offer modules from its well-established and popular industry-focused workshops in Qatar to serve the expanding local and regional market for polymer-related training, as well as promoting the many opportunities for companies of all sizes to interact with polymer experts at the University of Sheffield.

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