Contributions sought to UK Nanotech strategy

Posted on Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 in News| Share this article

bisLord Drayson, Science and Innovation Minister and chair of the Ministerial Group on Nanotechnologies, has called on industry and other interested stakeholder groups to help create a UK strategy for nanotechnologies.

The aim of the strategy is to describe the actions necessary to ensure that the UK obtains maximum economic, environmental and societal benefit from nanotechnologies while keeping the risks properly managed.

Industry, academia and consumer groups are invited to use a new website to help develop the strategy, building on and consolidating the existing research and consultations that have already taken place. The website will gather views on core issues including research, regulation, innovation and commercialisation, measurement and standards and information as well as on the anticipated impact of nanotechnologies on a wide range of sectors.

To contribute to the strategy, please visit: