Higher degrees in polymer science

MSc Polymers for Advanced Technologies

Polymer interface.
A modular course comprising taught material and a research project, on which a dissertation must be prepared. The degree has four streams: chemistry, physics, engineering and composite engineering. All four streams are based on the following core modules:

  • The science and engineering of polymer fibre composites
  • Electronic materials
  • Designer polymer synthesis
  • Biomedical applications of polymers
  • Smart polymers

Polymers for Advanced Technologies


Masters courses in nanotechnology

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The Universities of Leeds and Sheffield have combined their expertise to create four leading MSc courses in the field:

  • Nanoscale science and technology
  • Nanoelectronics and nanomechanics
  • Nanomaterials for nanoengineering
  • Bionanotechnology

The courses provide a broad, interdisciplinary learning experience enabling single-discipline graduates to contribute effectively to the research, development and commercial exploitation of nanotechnology.

Masters courses in nanotechnology


MSc(Eng) Aerospace Materials

Plastic aircraft parts.
This degree has been developed to provide the broader base needed to the use and understand the new materials now being used in the Aerospace Industry.

The degree covers a number of polymer related topics, in addition to traditional materials used in aerospace construction. Study includes advanced characterisation techniques, aerospace composites, science and engineering of light metals and alloys, nano-structure and intermetallics, high temperature applications, advanced manufacturing techniques, fracture, wear and structural integrity.

MSc(Eng) Aerospace Materials


PhD Degrees by research

If you are interested in PhD study, please visit our research pages and study our members’ directory to find a potential supervisor whose interests match yours, then feel free to contact him or her directly to discuss opportunities.

Polymer Centre research

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