Polymer Chromatography

Principles of gel permeation exclusion chromatography (GPEC)
Course Trainer: Dr Sebastian Spain, University of Sheffield

This course will be run on 26th November 2015 at the Mercure Sheffield St. Paul’s Hotel and Spa.

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Course Overview

This one day course covers the theory and practical application of polymer chromatographic analysis. Non-cross linked chromatographic techniques have developed into most important polymer analysis method and recent advances have further expanded the utility of these approaches. The course will cover the basic principles of chromatographic techniques and then show how advanced detectors and columns can provide the key data required in polymer research and manufacture. The course looks in detail at the advantages of various methodologies as well as the problems.

The course outline is as follows:
A)    SEC
1)    Molar mass distributions, fundamentals of the SEC experiment
2)    Hardware: columns and detectors.
3)    Solution behaviour and viscometric detectors
4)    Light scattering detectors
5)    Compositional data from SEC with dual detectors (RI, UV and evaporative light scattering)
6)    SEC coupled to mass spectrometry, NMR and infra-red spectroscopy
7)    Branching from SEC

B)    Other LC techniques
1)    Principles of solubility based separation versus size separation
2)    The GPEC system
3)    The Critical point system
4)    Thermal gradients
5)    Barrier systems