EPSRC announce Doctoral Training Grants

Posted on Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 in News| Share this article

£82m in grants to train Britain’s future scientists and engineers has been announced by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The Doctoral Training Grants (DTGs), awarded to 45 universities and higher education institutions, will generate over 1200 PhD students.

DTGs provide a flexible block of funding that allows universities to recruit students who meet the strategic needs of the university as well as national and regional needs.

DTGs are allocated each year to a wide selection of British universities. They are awarded on the basis of EPSRC research grant income. The DTG allows institutions to be flexible in terms of staff recruitment and retention as well as varying the length of support (between three and four years) dependant on the project.

As part of this year’s exercise universities have a target of converting 10% of their 2009 DTG funding into CASE awards. CASE awards are designed to incorporate an element of collaboration and industrially related training to broaden the student experience.

Companies interested in engaging in collaborative projects under this programme through the Polymer Centre at the University of Sheffield can expect a generous level (60-80%) of funding support and negotiable access to arising intellectual property. The Polymer Centre is happy to field enquiries on this subject. Please contact Joe Gaunt for more information.