IIMM 2010

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International Conference on Interfaces & Interphases in Multicomponent Materials

The International Conference on Interfaces and Interphases in Multicomponent Materials (IIMM)

A Merged Meeting of ICCI and IPCM will be held in Sheffield between the 1st-3rd September 2010.

The conference will focus on the theory and practice of interfaces and interphases in the following areas:

  • Synthetic and natural fibre/filler based composites
  • Fibre reinforced polymer composites
  • Metal and ceramic matrix composites
  • Processing of interfaces and interphases in multicomponent materials
  • Nanocomposites and other nanostructured functional materials
  • Surface treatments for carbon nanotubes , nanofibres and graphene modifiers
  • Interfaces in polymer blends and other multicomponent, multiphase Materials
  • Interfaces in self healing coatings and composites
  • Interfaces/interphases in biomedical materials and tissue engineering
  • Theoretical modelling of interfaces and interphases
  • New characterization techniques

Information about this conference is no longer available online