International Conference on Metamaterials and Dissemination Workshop 2012

Posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 in Event, Polymer conferences, Polymer seminars| Share this article

Nanostructured materials exhibit significantly different properties from their bulk equivalents. This opens the door for materials either for replacement of existing materials (e.g. magnetic material not relying on rare earth elements), or for materials with properties thus far inaccessible, and remarkable new devices.  Metamaterials created by controlling nanostructure can posses negative dielectric permittivity, negative magnetic permeability, or even negative refractive index. These properties can be used in unprecedented optical devices, among them cloaks that render objects invisible.

With the purpose to develop new metamaterials, four projects have been funded by the European Commission within the seventh framework program targeting the fabrication of functional nanostructured materials: NIM_NIL, NANOGOLD, MAGNONICS, and METACHEM.

To spread the latest results on how to model, fabricate, characterize, and use electromagnetic nanostructured materials to an audience that is blended from an interested industry as well as from passionate academia, we invite everybody to the International Conference on Metamaterial, which will be held July 3rd and 4th in Jena, Germany. At its heart this conference will have a dissemination workshop where these four EU-funded projects will present their main findings to an interested audience and discuss avenues towards their integration into products.

An exchange of ideas for future research and industrial exploitation and further collaboration will be facilitated

Subscription and details:

We encourage the submission of contributed papers/posters for the workshop (submission deadline: June 1st 2012).The registration will close June 1st 2012

Further information regarding the four projects can be found in the Flyer.