POLYFILM: Confined polymer films

Posted on Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 in Event, Polymer conferences| Share this article
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An international conference covering thin polymer films including polymer crystallisation, polymer brushes, glass transition, soft nanotechnology. Deadline for abstract submission is July 31st 2008. Confirmed speakers include:

Jan Genzer: Creating heteropolymers with adjustable monomer sequences via templated chemical “coloring”
Wilhelm Huck: Polyelectrolyte Brush Amplified Electroactuation of Microcantilevers
Elie Raphaël: Dewetting Dynamics of Thin Polymer Films
Jürgen Rühe: Wetting of Surfaces- How important is the nanoscale?
Tom Russell: Capillary wrinkling of floating thin films
Tony Ryan: Polymer Crystallisation: Influence of flow and interfaces
Ashu Sharma: Self-organized Adhesion and Pattern Formation in Elastic Solid Films
Jens-Uwe Sommer: Polymer Brushes at moderate and high grafting densities: Effects of chain stretching and end-groups
Uwe Thiele: Rupture and coarsening pathways for dewetting two-layer films and films of binary mixtures
Ophelia Tsui: Examination of Non-liquidlike Behaviors in Molten Polymer Films
Uli Wiesner: Nanostructured Metals from Soft Designer Macromolecules
Mitch Winnik: Living self- assembly of block copolymers into fibre-like structures in solution and from surfaces