Polymer Centre at Sheffield’s KTA Launch

Posted on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 in Event, News, Polymer conferences| Share this article
The University of Sheffield launches its EPSRC-funded £5.7M Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) on March 26th. More than 150 delegates from business, government, public sector and academia are expected and the Polymer Centre is proud to exhibit, to describe its contribution to knowledge transfer between academia and the polymer industry.

The KTA is designed to ensure that the results and experience from the University’s EPSRC-funded research portfolio are exploited to deliver the maximum economic and societal benefit for the UK. The broad aims of the KTA are:

  • to further develop a culture which values and recognises knowledge transfer;
  • to provide and support an enhanced capacity and novel mechanisms to identify, develop and realise opportunities;
  • to work closely with our partners to maximise the impact of EPSRC-funded research in order to realise economic and societal benefits for UK citzens.

The KTA will offer a number of support mechanisms to promote knowledge transfer, including project funding, secondment support, short-term R&D resource and a product “Designer in Residence” scheme. To find out more about the KTA’s operations, please visit the website below.

Sheffield’s EPSRC KTA