Polymer Centre joins FROPTOP

Posted on Thursday, April 16th, 2009 in News| Share this article

froptop_sqThe Polymer Centre has joined From Renewable Platform Chemicals to Value-Added Products, FROPTOP.

FROPTOP is a joint Special Interest Group of Chemistry Innovation, Bioscience for Business, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institution of Chemical Engineers that works with industry, academia, government and other networks to develop the market for renewable chemicals in the UK.

FROPTOP covers the gap between renewable, biomass derived ‘platform chemicals’ and existing chemical and biochemical processes. Its aim is to identify the portfolio of products to be derived from biomass-based platform chemicals and also the tools needed to convert these renewable chemicals in a sustainable way.

Academics at the Polymer Centre address this agenda in several ways. Our researchers include experts in polymer synthesis and are well-placed to develop the next generation of commodity plastics from alternative, renewable monomers. We also offer expertise in the processing and modification – for example, by composite manufacture – of existing renewable and compostable polymers such as PLA to optimise their properties. We look forward to contributing to this important initiative.

More information on FROPTOP is available at the link below. To discuss options for working with the Polymer Centre, please contact Joe Gaunt, Business Development Consultant.