Polymer Centre: Review of 2009

Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 in News| Share this article
As we wind down for the holidays, the Polymer Centre offers Season’s Greetings to all our partners. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In looking forward to the challenges of a 2010 that seems pretty uncertain from the Higher Education perspective, it’s informative to review the service we provided during 2009, building partnerships between business and the University of Sheffield and delivering real benefits to economy and society based on the research and teaching excellence offered by our institution.

Our mission in the Polymer Centre is to market the skills, facilities and expertise of the UK’s largest single-university network of polymer scientists and engineers both internally and externally to foster interdisciplinary, innovative R&D and flexible, relevant training in the subject. We work symbiotically with our spin-out service company, FaraPack Polymers Ltd, which offers the man-power to undertake PhD-level research on commercial timescales with academic consultancy input where necessary.

2009 in numbers

  • 991: Contacts added to or edited in our database – people we have spoken to at Sheffield or on site vists, at trade shows such as Nanotech Tokyo 2009, Nanomaterials ’09 and UK NanoForum, at British Plastics Federation events and during our training events
  • 62: Projects proposed by the Polymer Centre team, meeting clients’ needs for strategic R&D, troubleshooting and skills development
  • 81: Projects proposed by the FaraPack Polymers team
  • 203: Delegates at our two conferences
  • 60: Trainees on our two open courses
  • $2m: Headline value of a trio of collaborative projects between Dr Alma Hodzic and Qatar University, funded by the Qatar Science and Technology Park. The Polymer Centre will be running an open 5-day course on Polymers and Composites at QSTP in February 2010
  • 42: Academic groups represented by the Polymer Centre following Joe Gaunt’s audit of Sheffield capability in early 2009


Through a continued focus on customer service, we are on track to demonstrate substantial growth in 09/10 of the number, range and value of the opportunities we secure for collaboration between companies and the University of Sheffield. Companies should be assured that we will continue to offer a point-of-contact for all enquiries related to polymers and we will tailor our response to your needs. Our academics should take some comfort that, in a year where severe cutbacks in HEFCE and RCUK funding will start to take effect, we “third-streamers” are focused on connecting you with new problems and innovation-related funding sources, with the opportunity to demonstrate real impact based on Sheffield’s research excellence.

Current courses offered in Polymers and Composites