Polymer Centre signs up to NIA

Posted on Friday, February 29th, 2008 in News| Share this article

The Polymer Centre has joined the Nanotechnology Industries Association, which aims to promote the responsible use of nanotechnology and raise awareness among key audiences including the media, government, NGOs and other stakeholders of its applications and potential.

As an Affiliate Member, the Polymer Centre will enable those of its members at the University of Sheffield with interests in nanotechnology to engage with the NIA. Liam Sutton, Business Research Fellow at the Polymer Centre, recognised the value of linking with the association.

“Nanotechnology is well represented at Sheffield. Our membership includes leading experts in the fields of polymer colloids, nanocomposite materials, polymer electronics and the emerging area of soft nanotechnology through polymer self-assembly. We have a lot to offer to nanotech companies, through training, consultancy and collaborative R&D. NIA membership will enable us to forge closer links with the industry in supporting the responsible and safe development of small technologies.”

Nanotechnology Industries Association