Polymer Centre staff take a lead role in marketing Micro- and Nanotechnology from Yorkshire & Humberside

Posted on Thursday, February 7th, 2008 in News| Share this article

Yorkshire Forward has announced a £5 million funding package for three University-based centres to help the region’s companies exploit the global Micro-and Nano- Technology (MNT) market. The Nanofactory, based at the University of Leeds, the York-JEOL Centre for Nanolithography and Analysis and the Micro- and Nanomoulding Centre, based at the University of Bradford (part of the Polymer IRC).

Yorkshire Forward has awarded the Polymer IRC a further £420k to appoint Malcolm Butler, the Manager of the Polymer Centre, as the MNT Manager for Yorkshire and Humber Region (alongside his current role as project manager for the Polymer Centre). He will work in this task with Tony Cunningham and others from the Polymer IRC.

The key aim of this funding is to find ways of overcoming barriers to the commercialisation of these new technologies. To achieve this a strategic management structure will be set up tasked with:

  • monitoring the MNT related R&D activities in the Yorkshire and Humber region (both in industry and academia)
  • stimulating opportunities for exploitation of these technologies by their promotion and networking between key stakeholders
  • making recommendations has to how the benefits can be maximised in both academic and commercial activities through the identification and sharing of good knowledge transfer practices in the region

Ultimately this component of YF funding will underpin the knowledge transfer process for MNT and raise the profile and potential of this new discipline to the region’s industrial base.