Photoluminescent and superparamagnetic quantum dots

Quantum dots are semiconducting nanostructures which emit radiation over a narrow spectrum. This is caused by the restricted movement of excitons, formed when electrons are excited from the valence band into the conduction band leaving holes. When excitons relax light is emitted over a narrow spectrum due to the small crystal size, typically 2-50 nm, […]

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Structural Colour in the Natural World

Polymer centre academics, including Dr. Andrew Parnell, Prof. Patrick Fairclough and Dr. Oleksandr Mykhaylyk, have recently been involved in a collaboration that has helped shed more light on the origin of structural colour in the natural world. Structural colour refers to cases where colour arises from the scattering of light by nanoscale structural elements, as […]

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Scientists discover solvent-free way of preserving tissues and cells with a new gel

Scientists have developed a new approach for the long-term storage of biological tissue and blood samples making blood transfusions easier. Researchers from the Universities of Sheffield and Warwick have found that using a block copolymer hydrogel, which forms a soft 3D network of nanometer-sized worms in water, prevents damage to red blood cells that have […]

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Encapsulation and Thermally Triggered Release from Polymer Vesicles

University of Sheffield and Polymer Center academic Professor Steven Armes et al. have demonstrated the encapsulation of silica nanoparticles and bovine serum albumin within synthetic polymeric vesicles, and the consequent triggered release of the payload. The encapsulation and subsequent release of active ingredients on the micro or nanoscale has drawn considerable academic interest over the […]

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Developing novel gels to improve stem cell research

A range of novel gels that will improve the quality, storage, transportation and reliability of stem cells is being developed by a team of polymer chemists and biologists at the University of Sheffield in collaboration with the global transformational medical technologies’ firm, GE Healthcare, and GEO Specialty Chemicals. Just six months into the three-year Engineering […]

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