Partnership to provide cutting edge research to retailers and brand owners

Retailers and brand owners will benefit from a new University partnership researching the challenges of companies dependent on product packaging and presentation. The University of Sheffield’s Polymer Centre and the Faraday Centre for Retail Excellence (Faraday) based at Leeds Metropolitan University have announced a partnership bringing cutting edge materials science research to the retail and […]

Posted on Monday, April 16th, 2012 in News.

IRC colleagues meet in Bradford

Around 50 delegates from industry and academia came together at the University of Bradford on April 2nd for the 2012 Spring Meeting of the Polymer IRC. The Polymer Interdisciplinary Research Centre is based around the polymer science and engineering expertise at the universities of Bradford, Durham, Leeds and Sheffield. As the name suggests, it fosters […]

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Polymer IRC meeting at the University of Bradford

Announcement – the Polymer IRC Spring Meeting, Monday 2nd April 2012 at the University of Bradford. This will be a showcase event represented by the four IRC Universities, the Directors of which will be giving an overview of their current research activity. The event will be sponsored by Nanofactory. There will be a presentation given […]

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Polymer Centre research highlight – March 2012

University of Sheffield engineer, Dr Patrick Smith, has reported the results of research to exploit ionic liquids as potential transparent conductive materials in flexible electronic devices, such as flexible displays and photovoltaics, electronic textiles, sensory skins and active antennas. Currently, transparent conductive materials are essential in electronic devices such as sensors, displays, and solar cells. […]

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