PPE ’09 connects polymer engineers

Posted on Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 in News, Polymer conferences| Share this article

ppe09This year’s Polymer Process Engineering conference, PPE ’09, commences today at the University of Bradford. The meeting aims to:

  • Provide a timely forum for presentation and discussion of key developments in engineering excellence in polymer processing,
  • Cover leading edge developments in polymer processing technology, in-process measurements and process flow modelling and control;
  • Provide a technical focus for the processing and technology industries.

This year, there is particular emphasis on polymer micro and nano technology. Developments in the major generic processing areas – injection and extrusion processes – are covered; these are complemented by process monitoring trends and simulation and computer modelling of process flows. There is considerable interest in sensors and their application for enhanced monitoring of polymer, machinery and process, driven by the need for improved quality and efficiency. Polymer processing technology is a key feature of this conference.

Part-sponsored by Nanofactory, the conference features a showcase of the polymer-based micro- and nanotechnology R&D underway in the Yorkshire region’s universities. The Polymer Centre is proud to exhibit in this showcase.

PPE ’09