Publication Update 10th February 2010

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Recent Polymer Centre Member Publications:

Development of a Three Dimensional Multiscale Computational Model of the Human Epidermis. Adra, S.; Sun, T.; MacNeil, S.; Holcombe, M.; Smallwood, R., PLOS ONE 2010 5 (1): Art. No. E8511. Link

Scaling Effects in Notched Composites. Wisnom, M. R.; Hallett, S. R.; Soutis, C., Journal Of Composite Materials 2010 44 (2): 195-210. Link

Intrinsic extracellular matrix properties regulate stem cell differentiation. Reilly, G.C.; Engler, A.J., Journal Of Biomechanics 2010 43 (1): 55-62 Sp. Iss. Si.

Characterisation of the dispersion stability of a stimulus responsive core-shell colloidal latex. Reis, B.M.; Armes, S.P.; Fujii, S.; Biggs, S., Colloids And Surfaces A-Physicochemical And Engineering Aspects 2010 353 (2-3): 210-215.

Development of an lbuprofen-Releasing Biodegradable PLA/PGA Electrospun Scaffold for Tissue Regeneration. Canton, I.; Mckean, R.; Charnley, M.; Blackwood, K.A.; Fiorica, C.; Ryan, A.J.; MacNeil, S., Biotechnology And Bioengineering 2010 105 (2): 396-408. Link

A General Profile Parameterization of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings for Efficient Shape Optimization. Pang, Xiaoping; Qin, Ning; Dwyer-Joyce, Rob S.; Chen, Jin; Wang, Jiaxu.  Tribology Transactions 2010 53 (1): 117-126. Link

Development of a calcium-chelating hydrogel for treatment of superficial burns and scalds. Bullock, A. J.; Pickavance, P.; Haddow, D. B.; Rimmer, S.; MacNeil, S., Regenerative Medicine 2010 5 (1): 55-64. Link

Microstructural Analysis of Ultrasonic Welded AA6061 by Electron Backscattered Diffraction. Zhu, Z.; Wynne, B. P.; Ghassemieh, E.; Siddiq, A., Rare Metal Materials And Engineering 2009 38: 147-151 Suppl. 3. Link

Non-Fouling Character of Poly[2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl Phosphorylcholine]-Modified Gold Surfaces Fabricated by the ‘Grafting to’ Method: Comparison of its Protein Resistance with Poly(ethylene glycol)-Modified Gold Surfaces. Yoshimoto, K.; Hirase, T.; Madsen, J.; Armes, S.P.; Nagasaki, Y., Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2009 30 (24): 2136-2140. Link

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