Publication Update 11th September 2009

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Skin ConstructRecent Polymer Centre member publications:

Synthesis of Highly Branched Methacrylic Copolymers: Observation of Near-Ideal Behavior using RAFT Polymerization. Rosselgong, J.; Armes, S.P.; Barton, W.; Price, D., Macromolecules 2009 42 (16): 5919-5924. Link

‘Watching’ processes in soft matter with SPM. Hobbs, J.K.; Mullin, N.; Weber, C.H.M.; Farrance, O.E.; Vasilev, C., Materials Today 2009 12 (7-8): 26-33.

Development of Three-Dimensional Tissue-Engineered Models of Bacterial Infected Human Skin Wounds. Shepherd, J.; Douglas, I.; Rimmer, S.; Swanson, L.; MacNeil, S., Tissue Engineering Part C-Methods 2009 15 (3): 475-484. Link

Monte Carlo modelling of living branching copolymerisation of monovinyl and divinyl monomers: comparison of simulated and experimental data for ATRP copolymerisation of methacrylic monomers. Bannister, I.; Billingham, N.C.; Armes, S.P., Soft Matter 2009 5 (18): 3495-3504. Link

Detecting 6 MV X-rays using an organic photovoltaic device. Kingsley, J.W.; Pearson, A.J.; Harris, L.; Weston, S.J.; Lidzey, D.G., Organic Electronics 2009 10 (6): 1170-1173.

Quantitative Investigation of the Photodegradation of Polyethylene Terephthalate Film by Friction Force Microscopy, Contact-Angle Goniometry, and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy. Hurley, C.R.; Leggett, G.J., Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 2009 1 (8): 1688-1697. Link

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