Publication Update 12th June 2009.

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polymersomesThis weeks Polymer Centre Member Publications:

Co-culture of intestinal epithelial and stromal cells in 3D collagen-based environments. Viney, M.E.; Bullock, A.J.; Day, M.J.; MacNeil, S., Regenerative Medicine 2009 4 (3): 397-406. Link

Polymersomes: nature inspired nanometer sized compartments. LoPresti, Caterina; Lomas, H.; Massignani, M.; Smart, T.; Battaglia, G., Journal Of Materials Chemistry 2009 19 (22): 3576-3590. Link

Composition depth profiling of polystyrene/poly(vinyl ethyl ether) blend thin films by angle resolved XPS. Beamson, G.; Mokarian-Tabari, P.; Geoghegan, M., Journal Of Electron Spectroscopy And Related Phenomena 2009 171 (1-3): 57-63. Link

Observation of the complete rupture of a buried polymer layer by off-specular neutron reflectometry. de Silva, J.P.; Martin, S.J.; Cubitt, R.; Geoghegan, M., Epl 2009 86 (3): Art. No. 36005. Link

Numerical model of twin disc test arrangement for evaluating railway wheel wear prediction algorithms. Tassini, N.; Quost, X.; Lewis, R.; Dwyer-Joyce, R.; Ariaudo, C.; Kuka, N., Proceedings of the Stle/Asme International Joint Tribology Conference 2008 : 469-471 2009. Link

A comparison of three methods for the measurement of wheel rail contact. Dwyer-Joyce, R.S.; Yao, C.; Lewis, R., Proceedings of the Stle/Asme International Joint Tribology Conference 2008 : 541-543 2009. Link

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