Publication Update 13th November 2009

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Tensile StrainRecent Polymer Centre member publications:

Improving the prediction of tensile failure in unidirectional fibre composites by introducing matrix shear yielding. Behzadi, S.; Curtis, P.T.; Jones, F.R., Composites Science And Technology 2009 69 (14): 2421-2427 Sp. Iss. Si.

Enhancement of the Properties of EPDM/NBR Elastomers Using Nanoclay for Seal Applications. Ghassemieh, E., Polymer Composites 2009 30 (11): 1657-1667. Link

Suppressing Resonant Vibrations Using Nonlinear Springs and Dampers. Zhang, B.; Billings, S.A.; Lang, Z.; Tomlinson, G.R., Journal Of Vibration And Control 2009 15 (11): 1731-1744. Link

Directed Single Molecule Diffusion Triggered by Surface Energy Gradients. Burgos, P.; Zhang, Z.; Golestanian, R.; Leggett, G.J.; Geoghegan, M., Acs Nano 2009 3 (10): 3235-3243. Link

A ruthenium(II) polypyridyl complex for direct imaging of DNA structure in living cells. Gill, M.R.; Garcia-Lara, J.; Foster, S.J.; Smythe, C.; Battaglia, G.; Thomas, J.A., Nature Chemistry 2009 1 (8): 662-667. Link

Hollow Six-Stranded Helical Columns of a Helicene. Shcherbina, M.A.; Zeng, X.; Tadjiev, T.; Ungar, G.; Eichhorn, S.H.; Phillips, K.E.S.; Katz, Thomas J., Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 2009 48 (42): 7837-7840. Link

Trajectory analysis of a soccer ball. Goff, J.E.; Carre, M.J., American Journal Of Physics 2009 77 (11): 1020-1027. Link

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