Publication Update 15th May 2009

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nanocomposite-particlesThis week’s Polymer Centre member publications:

Modelling open hole compressive strength of composite laminates tested in hot wet conditions.  Soutis, C., Plastics Rubber and Composites 2009 38 (2): 55-60.  

Rate dependent multiscale modelling of fibre reinforced composites.  Foreman, J. P.; Behzadi, S.; Tsampas, S. A.; Porter, D.; Curtis, P. T.; Jones, F. R., Plastics Rubber and Composites 2009 38 (2): 67-71.  

Packing Efficiency of Small Silica Particles on Large Latex Particles: A Facile Route to Colloidal Nanocomposites.  Balmer, JA; Armes, SP; Fowler, PW; Tarnai, T; Gaspar, Z; Murray, KA; Williams, NSJ, Langmuir 2009 25 (9): 5339-5347.   Link

Crushing Morphology of Composite Sandwich Panels Under Edgewise Compression.  Velecela, O.; Soutis, C., Journal of Composite Materials 2009 43 (9): 1035-1049.  Link

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