Publication Update 17th April 2009

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hdfsThis Weeks Polymer Centre member publications: 

Shell Cross-Linked Micelles as Cationic Templates for the Preparation of Silica-Coated Nanoparticles: Strategies for Controlling the Mean Particle Diameter Li, Y.T.; Du, J.Z.; Armes, S.P., Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2009 30 (6): 464-468. Link 

Site-Specific Immobilization and Micrometer and Nanometer Scale Photopatterning of Yellow Fluorescent Protein on Glass Surfaces Reynolds, Nicholas P.; Tucker, Jaimey D.; Davison, Paul A.; Timney, John A.; Hunter, C. Neil; Leggett, Graham J.,  Journal of the American Chemical Society 2009 131 (3): 896. Link

Micrometer- and Nanometer-Scale Photopatterning Using 2-Nitrophenylpropyloxycarbonyl-Protected Aminosiloxane Monolayers Ahmad, S.A.A.; Wong, L.S.; Ul-Haq, E.; Hobbs, J.K.; Leggett, G.J.; Micklefield, J., Journal of the American Chemical Society 2009 131 (4): 1513-1522. Link

Cytocompatibility of poly(1,2 propandiol methacrylate) copolymer hydrogels and conetworks with or without alkyl amine functionality Rimmer, S.; Wilshaw, S.P.; Pickavance, P.; Ingham, E., Biomaterials 2009 30 (13): 2468-2478.