Publication Update 17th July 2009

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quartzThis week’s Polymer Centre member publications:

The influence of laser hardening on wear in the valve and valve seat contact. Slatter, T.; Taylor, H.; Lewis, R.; King, P., Wear 2009 267: 797-806 Part 2 Sp. Iss.

Coating and treatment solutions for rolling/sliding component contacts. Gallardo, E. A.; Lewis, R., Wear 2009 267: 1009-1021 Part 2 Sp. Iss.

The effect of normal force and roughness on friction in human finger contact. Tomlinson, S. E.; Lewis, R.; Carre, M. J., Wear 2009 267: 1311-1318 Part 2 Sp. Iss.

Wear of stone used to manufacture axes in the Neolithic settlement at Makriyalos in Northern Greece. Lewis, R.; Rahim, M.; Cripps, J.; Roubos, V.; Tsoraki, C., Wear 2009 267: 1325-1332 Part 2 Sp. Iss.

From discovery to production: Scale-out of continuous flow meso reactors. Styring, P.; Parracho, A. I. R., Beilstein Journal Of Organic Chemistry 2009 5: Art. No. 29. Link

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