Publication Update 19th June 2009

Posted on Friday, June 19th, 2009 in Publications| Share this article

oral-mucosa-biopsyThis week’s polymer centre member publications:

Diffusion Studies of Nanometer Polymersomes Across Tissue Engineered Human Oral Mucosa. Hearnden, V.; Lomas, H.; MacNeil, S.; Thornhill, M.; Murdoch, C.; Lewis, A.; Madsen, J.; Blanazs, A.; Armes, S.; Battaglia, G., Pharmaceutical Research 2009 26 (7): 1718-1728. Link

Synthesis and Characterization of Film-Forming Colloidal Nanocomposite Particles Prepared via Surfactant-Free Aqueous Emulsion Copolymerization. Schmid, A.; Scherl, P.; Armes, S.P.; Leite, C.A.P.; Galembeck, F., Macromolecules 2009 42 (11): 3721-3728. Link

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