Publication Update 1st June

Posted on Monday, June 1st, 2009 in Publications| Share this article

carbazole-copolymersThis week’s polymer centre member publications:

Anomalous Diffusion of Symmetric and Asymmetric Active Colloids. Golestanian, R., Physical Review Letters 2009 102 (18): Art. No. 188305. Link

Preparation and properties of alternating 2,7-linked carbazole copolymers with phenylene units with varying number of fluorine substituents. Pickup, D.F.; Yi, H.; Iraqi, A., Journal Of Materials Science 2009 44 (12): 3172-3178. Link

“Torsional tapping” atomic force microscopy using T-shaped cantilevers. Mullin, N.; Vasilev, C.; Tucker, J.D.; Hunter, C.N.; Weber, C.H.M.; Hobbs, J.K., Applied Physics Letters 2009 94 (17): Art. No. 173109. Link

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