Publication Update 21th August 2009

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TEM image obtained for vesicle after PCL membrane-mediated silicification.This week’s Polymer Centre member publications:

Quantitative Kinetic Measurements of the Esterification of Self-Assembled Monolayers of Mercaptoundecanol by Trifluoroacetic Anhydride Using Friction Force Microscopy. Whittle, T.J.; Leggett, G.J., Langmuir 2009 25 (16): 9182-9188. Link

Preparation of Biocompatible Zwitterionic Block Copolymer Vesicles by Direct Dissolution in Water and Subsequent Silicification within Their Membranes. Du, J.; Armes, S.P., Langmuir 2009 25 (16): 9564-9570. Link

Measurement of vapour pressures of ionic liquids and other low vapour pressure solvents. Aschenbrenner, O.; Supasitmongkol, S.; Taylor, M.; Styring, P., Green Chemistry 2009 11 (8): 1217-1221. Link

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