Publication Update 21th September 2009

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mPEO-F4-OEt Conjugate nanotubesLast week’s Polymer Centre member publications:

The Effect of PEO Length on the Self-Assembly of Poly(ethylene oxide)-Tetrapeptide Conjugates Prepared by “Click” Chemistry. Tzokova, N.; Fernyhough, C.M.; Butler, M.F.; Armes, S.P.; Ryan, A.J.; Topham, P.D.; Adams, D.J., Langmuir 2009 25 (18): 11082-11089. Link

Photopatterning, Etching, and Derivatization of Self-Assembled Monolayers of Phosphonic Acids on the Native Oxide of Titanium. Tizazu, G.; Adawi, A.M.; Leggett, G.J.; Lidzey, D.G., Langmuir 2009 25 (18): 10746-10753. Link

Structure of Liquid Crystalline Aerosol-OT and Its Alkylammonium Salts. Ungar, G.; Tomasic, V.; Xie, F.; Zeng, X., Langmuir 2009 25 (18): 11067-11072. Link

Folate conjugated phosphorylcholine-based polycations for specific targeting in nucleic acids delivery. Lam, J.K.W.; Armes, S.P.; Lewis, A.L.; Stolnik, S., Journal Of Drug Targeting 2009 17 (7): 512-523. Link

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