Publication Update 10th July 2009

Posted on Friday, July 10th, 2009 in Publications| Share this article

This week’s Polymer Centre member publications:

Solid particle erosion caused by rice grains. Camacho, J.; Lewis, R.; Dwyer-Joyce, R. S., Wear 2009 267: 223-232 Part 1 Sp. Iss.

Ibuprofen and hydrogel-released ibuprofen in the reduction of inflammation-induced migration in melanoma cells. Redpath, M.; Marques, C. M. G.; Dibden, C.; Waddon, A.; Lalla, R.; MacNeil, S., British Journal Of Dermatology 2009 161 (1): 25-33. Link

High-speed electroluminescence modulation of a conjugated-polymer light emitting diode. Barlow, I. A.; Kreouzis, T.; Lidzey, D. G., Applied Physics Letters 2009 94 (24): Art. No. 243301.  Link

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