Publication Update 2nd October 2009

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VesiclesRecent Polymer Centre member publications:

The efficiency of encapsulation within surface rehydrated polymersomes. Parnell, A. J.; Tzokova, N.; Topham, P. D.; Adams, D. J.; Adams, S.; Fernyhough, C. M.; Ryan, A. J.; Jones, R. A. L., Faraday Discussions 2009 143: 29-46. Link

Challenges in soft nanotechnology. Jones, R.A.L., Faraday Discussions 2009 143: 9-14. Link

Polymer crystallization under nano-confinement of droplets studied by molecular simulations. Hu, W.; Cai, T.; Ma, Y.; Hobbs, J.K.; Farrance, O.; Reiter, G., Faraday Discussions 2009 143: 129-141.  Link

Elucidating the Structure of the Pm(3)over-barn Cubic Phase of Supramolecular Dendrimers through the Modification of their Aliphatic to Aromatic Volume Ratio. Percec, V.; Petereca, M.; Tsuda, Y.; Rosen, B.M.; Uchida, S.; Imam, M.R.; Ungar, G.; Heiney, P.A., Chemistry-A European Journal 2009 15 (36): 8994-9004.  Link

Phosphate Functional Core-Shell Polymer Nanoparticles for the Release of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. Gilmore, L.; MacNeil, S.; Rimmer, S., Chembiochem 2009 10 (13): 2165-2170.  Link

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