Publication Update 4th January 2010

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Recent Polymer Centre Member Publications:

Differential patterning of neuronal, glial and neural progenitor cells on phosphorus-doped and UV irradiated diamond-like carbon. Regan, E.M.; Uney, J.B.; Dick, A.D.; Zhang, Y.; Nunez-Yanez, J.; McGeehan, J.P.; Claeyssens, F.; Kelly, S., Biomaterials 2010 31 (2): 207-215.

Mass spectrometry of hyper-velocity impacts of organic micrograins. Srama, R.; Woiwode, W.; Postberg, F.; Armes, S.P.; Fujii, S; Dupin, D.; Ormond-Prout, J.; Sternovsky, Z.; Kempf, S.; Moragas-Kiostermeyer, G.; Mocker, A.; Gruen, E., Rapid Communications In Mass Spectrometry 2009 23 (24): 3895-3906. Link

Estimating clamping pressure distribution and stiffness in aircraft bolted joints by finite-element analysis. Oskouei, R. H.; Keikhosravy, M.; Soutis, C., Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers Part G-Journal Of Aerospace Engineering 2009 223 (G7): 863-871. Link

Phenylenevinylene Block Copolymers via Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization. Yu, C.; Kingsley, J.W.; Lidzey, D.G.; Turner, M.L., Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2009 30 (22): 1889-1892. Link

A Micromechanical Model to Predict Mechanical Durability of Glass Multifilament Bundles in Rubber Composite. Ghosh, S.B.; Bhowmik, D.; Hand, R.J.; Jones, F.R., Journal Of Engineering Materials And Technology-Transactions Of The Asme 2010 132 (1): Art. No. 011014. Link

Real-time vapour sensing using an OFET-based electronic nose and genetic programming. Wedge, D.C.; Das, A.; Dost, R.; Kettle, J.; Madec, M.; Morrison, J.J.; Grell, M.; Kell, D.B.; Richardson, T.H.; Yeates, S.; Turner, M.L., Sensors And Actuators B-Chemical 2009 143 (1): 365-372.

Carbon nitride: Ab initio investigation of carbon-rich phases. Hart, J.N.; Claeyssens, F.; Allan, N.L.; May, P.W., Physical Review B 2009 80 (17): Art. No. 174111. Link

Sub-micron poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) particles as temperature responsive vehicles for the detachment and delivery of human cells. Hopkins, S.; Carter, S.R.; Haycock, J.W.; Fullwood, N.J.; MacNeil, S.; Rimmer, S., Soft Matter 2009 5 (24): 4928-4937. Link

Predicting the Structure of Supramolecular Dendrimers via the Analysis of Libraries of AB(3) and Constitutional Isomeric AB(2) Biphenylpropyl Ether Self-Assembling Dendrons. Rosen, B.M.; Wilson, D.A.; Wilson, C.J.; Peterca, M.; Won, B.C.; Huang, C.; Lipski, L.R.; Zeng, X.; Ungar, G.; Heiney, P.A.; Percec, V., Journal Of The American Chemical Society 2009 131 (47): 17500-17521. Link

Structural and thermal study of mesomorphic dodecylammonium carrageenates. Vincekovic, M.; Pustak, A.; Tusek-Bozic, Lj.; Liu, F.; Ungar, G.; Bujan, M.; Smit, I.; Filipovic-Vincekovic, N., Journal Of Colloid And Interface Science 2010 341 (1): 117-123.

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