Publication Update 7th April 2009

Posted on Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 in Publications| Share this article
cellsLast week’s Polymer Centre member publications:

Alternating 2,7-and 3,6-linked carbazole copolymers as wide band gap energy transfer donors. Pickup, D.F.; Yi, H.N.; Kun, H.; Iraqi, A.; Stevenson, M.; Lidzey, D.G., Thin Solid Films 2009 517 (9): 2840-2844.

Automated tracking of migrating cells in phase-contrast video microscopy sequences using image registration.  Hand, A.J.; Sun, T.; Barber, D.C.; Hose, D.R.; MacNeil, S., Journal of Microscopy-Oxford 2009 234 (1): 62-79. Link