Publication Update 8th May 2009

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Recent Polymer Centre Publications: 

Friction in a hydraulic motor piston/cam roller contact lined with PTFE impregnated. Lewis, R., Wear 2009 266 (7-8): 888-892.

Low cost, portable, fast multiparameter data acquisition system for organic transistor odour sensors. Das, A.; Dost, R.; Richardson, T. H.; Grell, M.; Wedge, D. C.; Kell, D. B.; Morrison, J. J.; Turner, M. L., Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical 2009 137 (2): 586-591.

Stimulus-Responsive Liquid Marbles. Dupin, D.; Armes, S.P.; Fujii, S., Journal of the American Chemical Society 2009 131 (15): 5386Link

Stochastic low Reynolds number swimmers. Golestanian, R.; Ajdari, A., Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 2009 21 (20): Art. No. 204104Link

Sports ball aerodynamics: A numerical study of the erratic motion of soccer balls. Barber, S.; Chin, S. B.; Carre, M. J., Computers & Fluids 2009 38 (6): 1091-1100

Data reduction methodologies for single fibre fragmentation test: Role of the interface and interphase. Johnson, A.C.; Hayes, S.A.; Jones, F.R., Composites Part A-Applied Science and Manufacturing 2009 40 (4): 449-454.

Use of rapidly mineralising osteoblasts and short periods of mechanical loading to accelerate matrix maturation in 3D scaffolds. Sittichockechaiwut, A.; Scutt, A.M.; Ryan, A.J.; Bonewald, L.F.; Reilly, G.C., Bone 2009 44 (5): 822-829.

pH controlled assembly of a polybutadiene-poly(methacrylic acid) copolymer in water: packing considerations and kinetic limitations. Fernyhough, C.; Ryan, A.J.; Battaglia, G., Soft Matter 2009 5 (8): 1674-1682Link

A comparative investigation of methods for protein immobilization on self-assembled monolayers using glutaraldehyde, carbodiimide, and anhydride reagents. Ducker, R.E.; Montague, M.T.; Leggett, G.J., Biointerphases 2008 3 (3): 59-65Link

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