RAPRA Limited and the University of Sheffield join forces in polymer research

Posted on Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 in News| Share this article

Sheffield’s Polymer Centre and the Rubber and Plastics Research Association (RAPRA) have announced a partnership agreement that is set to significantly boost industrial collaboration in polymer research.

The new partnership will serve the needs of companies in polymer manufacturing, processing and end-use by connecting them with the UK’s largest single-institution network of academic polymer experts, the University of Sheffield’s Polymer Centre.

A crucial aspect of the service RAPRA provides is to create, promote and manage links between centres of excellence for academic research, sources of funding, technical service provision and its members in the wider polymer related community.

This was a key motivation for the partnership with Sheffield, explained Steve Shaw, RAPRA Operations Director: “RAPRA is extremely pleased to have initiated stronger links to the world-class polymer science and engineering expertise at the University of Sheffield. The University’s Polymer Centre and contract research spin-out FaraPack Polymers both offer client-focused access to the expertise at Sheffield.

“These organisations tick all the boxes in terms of being Preferred Providers and Preferred Partners, with the added convenience and ease of communication for our members of being co-located at the University of Sheffield.” He added: “Having been recommended to me by several RAPRA members, they will be valuable assets in the RAPRA portfolio of world class Preferred Providers and Partners”.

As part of this agreement, the Polymer Centre and FaraPack will offer free, expert technical assessments to RAPRA members and will be looking for other ways to assist RAPRA members with new product development, their existing manufacturing processes and other technology and training opportunities.

Professor Steve Armes, Director of both the Polymer Centre and FaraPack Polymers, welcomed the news. “We aim to undertake research of the highest scientific excellence with genuine, large-scale economic and societal impact. RAPRA’s global reach and our Preferred Partner status will help us to integrate our expertise into forward-thinking companies across the world.”


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