Recent Publications from the Polymer Centre

Posted on Thursday, March 5th, 2009 in Publications| Share this article

PolymersomesThe Polymer Centre will be posting links to recent publications from its members on the news section of the website. To begin this regular series, the following are links to papers from the last few weeks by our members:

The mechanisms of pedestrian slip on flooring contaminated with solid particles. Mills, R.; Dwyer-Joyce, R. S.; Loo-Morrey, M., Tribology International 2009, 42 (3), 403-412.

Synthesis, characterization and swelling behaviour of poly(methacrylic acid) brushes synthesized using atom transfer radical polymerization. Parnell, A. J.; Martin, S. J.; Dang, C. C.; Geoghegan, M.; Jones, R. A. L.; Crook, C. J.; Howse, J. R.; Ryan, A. J., Polymer 2009, 50 (4), 1005-1014.

Evaluation of Extracellular Matrix Formation in Polycaprolactone and Starch-Compounded Polycaprolactone Nanofiber Meshes When Seeded with Bovine Articular Chondrocytes. da Silva, M. A.; Crawford, A.; Mundy, J.; Martins, A.; Araujo, J. V.; Hatton, P. V.; Reis, R. L.; Neves, N. M., Tissue Engineering Part A 2009, 15 (2), 377-385. Link

Direct visualization of the real time swelling and collapse of a poly(methacrylic acid) brush using atomic force microscopy. Parnell, A. J.; Martin, S. J.; Jones, R. A. L.; Vasilev, C.; Crook, C. J.; Ryan, A. J., Soft Matter 2009, 5 (2), 296-299. Link

Synthesis and evaluation of polypyrrole-coated thermally-expandable microspheres: an improved approach to reversible adhesion. Schmid, A.; Sutton, L. R.; Armes, S. P.; Bain, P. S.; Manfre, G., Soft Matter 2009, 5 (2), 407-412. Link

Rolling-Sliding Laboratory Tests of Friction Modifiers in Leaf Contaminated Wheel-Rail Contacts. Li, Z.; Arias-Cuevas, O.; Lewis, R.; Gallardo-Hernandez, E. A., Tribology Letters 2009, 33 (2), 97-109. Link

Weekly updates of publications will follow. The links will only work if you or your organisation has a subscription to the appropriate journal.