Robots in your blood? They’re not what you think…

Posted on Thursday, February 7th, 2008 in News| Share this article

Imagine a future where tiny robots can heal people from the inside. If this sounds like science fiction to you, then you are in good company with Professors Noel Sharkey and Tony Ryan from the University of Sheffield. While they agree that nanorobots are a possibility, they argue that they are probably not the kind of robots you’re thinking of and they could be much more sinister.

t was a meeting of two great minds, Prof Sharkey reflecting on the past decade of how robots were introduced into modern day lives and Prof Ryan dispelling the myth that that motor driven robots could enter our blood stream like the ship in the 80s film Inner Space, which could drive around people’s bodies carrying our repairs, the response was, “Nonsense we just couldn’t build a miniature version of a bigger robot and expect it to move”.

There was great interaction with the audience the children eager with questions who had quite clearly listened most intently to the arguments and raised some surprisingly intelligent responses.

A super evening was had by all, and it certainly gave us all something to think about!

(Event was held  at the Crucible Theatre Sheffield on the 20th March 2006)