Scientists at Sheffield map out Britain’s sun spots

Posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 in News| Share this article
Difference in solar radiation in 2011 to compared to the average over the decade.

The Sheffield Solar Farm has been analysing Met Office data in conjunction with solar panel efficiency data donated from real PV installations around the UK.

Solar PV technology is likely to become more important in the future, and may make a significant contribution to the UK’s energy economy. To make best use of it, it is important to know how sunny it is in different places around the UK, and how well PV installations in those areas are able to convert this bonanza into energy.

The results are that the amount of sun light in Britain has been increasing year on year, except in Scotland where it is becoming less sunny, and that 2011 was 10 per cent brighter than 2010. The sunniest place in 2011 was the city of Portsmouth on the South West Coast of England, whilst the least sunny place was Loch Maree in North West Scotland.

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